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 #269712  by Dan Finn
 Wed Nov 16, 2016 10:47 am
Performance Specialists is pleased to announce it's 2016 / 2017 Race Engine & Blueprinting Workshops.
If you are interested in race engine technology these extremely extensive 40+ hr. workshops are a "MUST ATTEND" event!
Some of the topics to be covered; Preplanning your engine build, component & combination selection, along with assigning a realistic budget.
Understanding horsepower vs. torque.
Pre & post machine shop testing & inspections. ( Why build on a poor foundation?)
Correct preparation of ALL components. (Catch issues BEFORE they become serious problems.)
Proper measuring & assembly techniques, achieving professional results, even with the most budget of tooling.
TONS of details to assist in increasing power & longevity that are often ignored / or overlooked, keeping "unscheduled disassembly's" to a minimum.
"HANDS ON" experience in all phases of performance engine building.
Included: An extremely extensive workbook / reference manual that you'll use for years to come!
To help in expense control for our out of town guests, our first series of workshops will be conducted Sat. & Sun. December 10th,11th & concluding December 17th,18th.
Second series of workshops are scheduled for January 7th,8th & concluding January 14th,15th.
Third series of workshops scheduled for January 21st,22nd & concluding January 28th,29th.
To maximize individual attention only 5 seats are available for each workshop. These spots tend to fill quickly, so make your reservation a.s.a.p. First come first serve.
Gift certificates are available ( Christmas gift? )
Credit cards accepted.
Payment structures optional
Morning snacks & lunch are included.
For more information,details, or to reserve your spot, call Dan @ 409-842-1525
 #269755  by Dan Finn
 Tue Dec 20, 2016 10:35 am
Our December workshop was fantastic! Wanted to thank the folks from the Dallas, Lufkin, Houston & the Beaumont areas that attended! Remember that we only do this during the "off season" so reserve your seat for the January workshops asap.
 #269766  by Dan Finn
 Mon Jan 09, 2017 3:05 pm
Thought for the day: An engine is a system. Beware of the "Rule of One". There is no such thing as just one change that does not affect something else. Few single changes improve everything by themselves, but it is remarkably easy to discover many unit changes make matters worse. Ignore "Tricks", Engineer & Build the system!
We're accepting reservations for the Jan. 21st & 28th weekends. These will be the final workshops for this year. A little investment in yourself now can save you thousands on your next engine build!