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 #269793  by dmantx
 Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:18 am
ATTENTION RACESAVER SPRINT CAR TEAMS coming to this Saturday's LoneStar SPRINT SMACKDOWN at LoneStar Speedway (near Kilgore, TX):

As is the case with the past several LoneStar RaceSaver IMCA Sprint Car events, Brian Shoulders will be handling your tech inspections throughout the event.

Brian has been very fair and uniform in following RaceSaver rules at our events, and that's why we continue to have him enforce your series rules. LoneStar Speedway is simply hosting your event, lineup/scoring it and putting up the purse...NOT teching it.

IF by chance you have not yet received your hard card (since it is early in the season and some people just got their engines ready and sealed), he *will* allow you to compete. You will be teched like always, and equally, with the other teams.

Weight, durometer tires, spring pressure and lift are some of the common items Brian will be checking.

But if given any reason to be concerned about any RaceSaver car not being legal, he is fully prepared to tear them down all the way.

Make sure to check your car's weight on the track scales (as we had advised in the pit meeting at the last RaceSaver event) and remember, your feature race is 25 laps an the track cannot control the amount of cautions; so fuel levels are definitely going to be part of your strategy/setup. LoneStar is not a little 1/4 mile track, it is wide-open and a full 1/3 mile, so please take that into account.

Your engine should be able to run for 35 minutes on fuel - including pace laps through the completion of the event (time not including red flags). That's why there was no fuel stop at the last event at LoneStar, as we weren't near that elapsed time - and not one car had run out of fuel at the time of taking the checkers.

For general RaceSaver rules, click www.RaceSaver.com and for complete event information visit www.LoneStarSpeedway.com or the top post on our Facebook page.

Final reminder, draw cutoff is at 5:15pm with racing at 6pm...and with this being a passing points structure in the heat races, you do not want to miss drawing in - as you will not receive passing points from your tail-back starting position in the heat race.

THANK YOU and we look forward to hosting this big event on Saturday at 6pm!